10 benefits of installing a WordPress Gutenberg theme

Gutenberg has many features. So, we chose ten compelling benefits of the Gutenberg theme for WordPress.

Gutenberg was launched in WordPress 5.0 some time ago. Some turned it off. Most of us use it on our web resources. With this awareness came a huge rush of modern WordPress themes from Gutenberg and Gutenberg blocks. If you’ve recently viewed WordPress-targeted sites, you’ll clearly see that everyone is trying to explore Gutenberg. So here is a complete checklist of why you should use the WordPress theme supported by Gutenberg.

Gutenberg has many features. Out of so many astounding advantages, we chose ten compelling benefits of the Gutenberg theme for WordPress.

Blocks are the future of WordPress

The blocks in WordPress Gutenberg are very similar to the concept that we use in our favourite page builder. As in the case of add-ons, a block will soon appear in WordPress to add basic functions. Like the title, images, and other blocks, you can add much more with Gutenberg blocks.

Speaking of block-based editing is the future of WordPress, most plug-in developers have already created blocks for their plug-ins. Therefore, when you use a plugin with your WordPress theme for Gutenberg, you can simply use this block without disrupting the design process.

Built-in blocks

One of the advantages of using a Gutenberg-compatible theme is that you can get inline blocks with the new editor in mind. It expands the possibilities of blocks thanks to dedicated blocks created specifically for a particular topic.

You can get some good blocks to make your block-based website even more functional. As a developer, when you create your own block, you can satisfy the needs of your theme. In case you get a creative WordPress theme that already has built-in blocks, this gives you additional guidance for developing more blocks.

Using the WordPress Gutenberg theme ensures that your transition to a full block system will be straightforward and without any interference.

Ease of use for non-developers

Ease of use makes WordPress with Gutenberg a powerful tool for creating multifunctional websites. There have also been complaints about the ease of use of the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress. Still, the Gutenberg block editor is where e-commerce WordPress theme works very well.

Gutenberg’s WordPress theme ensures that even without coding, you can create complex layouts and reach to the same level as WordPress experts. In the classic editor, the presence of elements other than those provided requires an HTML knowledge base, a specific plugin, or a custom theme. But with the WordPress Gutenberg theme, you can make changes to your site much easier.

Visual editing

WordPress with Gutenberg’s blocks promotes visual editing. Block editing works best with the WordPress Gutenberg theme. There are many reasons why using a Gutenberg compatible theme makes the process of creating your site more efficient.

You can choose layout options, typography, and more than you used for other topics. However, the presence of the WordPress Gutenberg theme means that you can see how these options come to life in your photography WordPress theme. This is especially useful if you are planning to create a blog. You can post content and view it exactly the way you want it to look.

Style Options

website setting image

A huge improvement in visual effects comes from the use of the theme. It supports a block interface, so it has rich style options. Thus, you get the opportunity to beautifully display your content.

If you already have a full-fledged site, having a WordPress Gutenberg theme ensures that your site’s style remains the same. Likewise, the blocks in Gutenberg have many variants of modification. The new editor offers options such as choosing the text colour, background colour, fonts, and more. The Gutenberg multipurpose WordPress theme combines these style options into a theme, so you get tons of design flexibility. You can learn more about blocks and find out which theme will best support your site.

Full-width alignment

By publishing content using Gutenberg block editor on WordPress, you get the design flexibility to display specific content across the width. For example, with images and specific videos, you can choose whether you want to display them in the format of frame width or alignment across the entire width.

Anchor support

Another feature that you can now use in the new editor is the anchors. What is not in the visual editor. Adding anchors allows you to directly link to a specific section or title in an article.

Insert images

You can drag and drop images without transitions and clicking the Add Image button, as it happens in the visual editor.


The editor also has the ability to add a button. Now the call to action can be done without using HTML, plug-in, shortcode.

Insert options

Gutenberg has simplified the insertion of media content from YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr, Twitter, etc. In the visual editor for many newbies, WordPress development service was very problematic, because this was not mentioned anywhere.


Obviously, if the WordPress community continues to grow in this way, then pretty soon we will have a new content creation system with this new editor. Therefore, the transition to the WordPress theme with a block editor at an early stage will help you to update your website without any difficulties.

Though, if you have some difficulties with WordPress theme installation, contact us for the support!

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