10 reasons to use WordPress to build your website

Key Features and Benefits of CMS WordPress to create your own site

It is hard to believe, but only 53% of companies with small businesses have a website. Believe it or not, but 19% of companies claim that they do not have their own website in order to avoid unnecessary expenses among other expenses for new technologies to improve their business

Many executives do not understand that in fact, you can start a website for less than a few hundred dollars. You can buy a domain, host, and install WordPress themes for only 50 dollars. 

Ask yourself: Are you ready to spend about 100 dollars to have a stunning website and expand the audience of your business? Or is it too much for you? You will surely ask what WordPress is and why many companies that charge thousands of dollars for design never mention it.

WordPress: performing open source content management system

WordPress is simply the best content management system available today. It allows you to easily create, edit and manage published content on your site without having to learn to program. More than 25% of sites on the Internet work under WordPress today.

Contrary to popular belief, WordPress is not just a platform for bloggers or WordPress SEO experts. You can also use WordPress for landing pages, corporate sites, online stores, professional portfolios and much more.

Saving money on website development

Usually hiring a developer to make an HTML website can cost from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Add to this the first expenses for hosting and supporting the site and you will have a tidy sum. For this reason, many people prefer to become WordPress experts for their business. 

Spend this money better on marketing. Hiring developers to create a large HTML site can make sense if you have a really serious business, where functionality is important that WordPress cannot give without additional investments – WordPress is suitable for everything else.

Creating a website for any purpose

Usually, when people mention WordPress, blogging comes to mind. However, the engine is much more powerful than you think – with its help you can create anything, starting with blogs using WordPress blog theme simple and ending with social networks. Even big brands use it.

You do not believe? Visit Sony Music, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, BBC America, PlayStation, which are only a small part of companies using WordPress.

Manage the site yourself

Site content implies a lot of work. You need the site to be optimized for mobile devices, reliably protected from hacker attacks and constantly updated with fresh content. You will need to hire a developer on the HTML site so that he can figure it out, and those are expensive and take an hourly rate.

However, in the case of WordPress, such a problem will not arise – you need just one click to update the system, install security plugins, and even add and manage all the pages of the site. For instance, if your website is created just to show examples of your work, simply add a portfolio WordPress theme and your pictures or videos.

website dashboard


Thousands of creative WordPress themes and plugins to choose from

One of the reasons why so many people love WordPress is that the platform gives you access to thousands of beautiful themes for various types of sites. For example, if you plan to create a niche website, say, for a construction company or beauty salon website, you can quickly and easily find an eCommerce WordPress theme, using websites like True Themes.

WordPress plugins allow you to extend the functionality of the site. Using plugins, you can create a contact form for your site, add a payment system, improve search engine optimization, add an extra layer of security, and even create landing pages — all in a few clicks. There are over 43,000 plugins available in the official WordPress database. So you will have plenty of options to expand your site.

Mobile support

WordPress is fully optimized for all mobile platforms and screen sizes. Unlike the HTML site. WordPress templates are already premium ones. So if you worry about how your portfolio will look from the mobile device, with a photography eCommerce WordPress theme it will be the same convenient to check as on a big screen.

Easy website SEO optimization

Search engine optimization of web pages is very routine. Can you imagine how quickly it bothers to go through each page and optimize it for keys and meta descriptions? With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, since the system has a plugin for it. Yoast SEO is one of the many WordPress plugins that makes it very easy to embed the right meta headings, descriptions and optimize website pages for keywords.

With WordPress you can create an online store

Thinking about starting an e-business? Take advantage of WordPress! Many large online stores like Marks & Spencer use WordPress, and you can hardly feel the difference between “ordinary” online stores. Great free plugins like WooCommerce can turn your site into an online store and it only takes a few minutes.

Make a website with premium membership

A membership site can be useful for trainers, coaches, and professionals offering exclusive content in the form of online courses or tutorials. With a showcase WordPress theme, you can easily store your premium content, which can be accessed only by registered users. In this case, WordPress plugins like Paid Memberships and Magic Members will be useful.

Improved digital marketing solutions

It’s much easier to get new mailing list subscribers and generate more leads when you use themes like creative agency WordPress theme. There are excellent online marketing services like SumoMe, which you can seamlessly integrate into WordPress to show pop-up messages, collect email addresses, insert social network buttons and create welcome messages.

But that’s not all. You can also connect your social media and use apps like JetPack to automatically share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+, publishing your content.

WordPress has a future

The company behind the engine has plans for many years to come. Therefore, your site will remain relevant and eventually get better and better. With WordPress, the possibilities for your website are simply endless. 

Before hiring a web designer and throwing a thousand bucks on an inefficient site, give WordPress a chance and see how powerful it is. Once you have tried WordPress, you will never want to return to HTML. We hope that the above list was helpful to you and dispel your doubts. However, if you are not sure that you can cope with the creation of the site yourself, our WordPress developers are always ready to help!