Top 5 Facebook Ads Strategies for a Shopify Online Store

In a 2014 study by Princeton University predicted Facebook to lose 80% of users by 2017. However, during this time, the Facebook user base has just not decreased but has steadily grown, reaching 2 billion profiles, thereby ensuring the network’s status as the largest social application in the world. And this is not the limit.

Ads strategies for Shopify store are an essential asset for your brand

At the beginning of 2019, Facebook’s reach remains unprecedentedly huge. In vertical eCommerce web development, by figures are not less impressive. According to the FacebookIQ survey, 40% of Facebook users indicated that over the past three months they used the platform in search of inspiration in fashion, and three respondents out of five admitted that Facebook had encouraged them to buy an item that they had not thought about buying.

These data indicate that well-thought ads strategies for Shopify store are an essential asset for your brand. Most retailers are already posting on their pages on the social network updates such as the start of sales, information on new goods, user reviews, online contests and, of course, allow you to make purchases directly from Facebook. What other tools are available to Shopify marketing agency to get the most out of the social network? We suggest trying the following 5 strategies:

Launch live broadcasts

It is no secret that the effectiveness of video content in marketing is breaking records. You can interest users even more by running a live broadcast. Facebook live broadcasts are a great tool for broadcasting backstages from fashion shows, interviews with celebrities or for live communication with experts in your field.

Allow users to shop directly from the video.

If you are planning on videotaping, consider integrating shoppable (interactive / eCommerce) technology. Thus, users can go directly to the product page in the store or save the product they like by simply clicking on the item in the frame. Don’t worry, if you are not Shopify experts, our e-commerce website developer can easily help you with this.

Make friends with bloggers

According to a FacebookIQ study, 52% of cosmetic customers claim that they are guided by the opinion of beauty experts in social media when making purchasing decisions. 

Therefore, regardless of the size and influence of the brand, interaction with bloggers and agents of influence is of great importance. Such interaction is not just a fundamentally new source of content, but also provides access to a huge number of blogger subscribers.

Interact with communities and theme groups

Create fan communities and interact with other communities and theme groups.

If you have a fan community (or several) on Facebook, do not forget to give them time and attention. Show your loyal users that they matter to you, and the results in the form of a stream of orders from regular customers and new users, attracted by the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, will not keep you waiting. 

The same rule applies to thematic communities on anything, like online store design for example – pick one or two of the most suitable for your trends and from time to time engage in dialogue with users.

Run a dynamic Facebook ad campaign

If a user left a product in the cart on your site, a great opportunity to encourage him to complete an order will continue to interact with him on Facebook after a while (remember, more than 2 billion users!). Personalized dynamic retargeting banners provide an impressive ROI.

Using one or more of these strategies, you can turn your Facebook page into a powerful tool to increase sales and profits. Though. if you don’t have enough time or simply no idea how to implement it properly then contact our Shopify web agency and we will be happy to solve it all!.

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