Top 5 Shopify apps for SEO optimization of your e-commerce website

The prominence of online stores is proceeding to develop quickly. With the increase in eCommerce websites, among which Shopify set up is without a doubt the pattern making one, Shopify SEO improvement has turned into an unquestionable requirement have. For current or soon-to-be Shopify website owners increasing their ranks in search engines is one of the key factors – and sometimes SEO causes trouble and misunderstanding for businessmen. 

We should make sense of why you should give a ton of consideration to SEO at Shopify and where you can get incredible SEO answers for eCommerce business. For the best results, first of all, you have to choose the professional Shopify themes, which will be the most effective for your business needs.

This article is all about tips on how to improve the SEO of your online store. You’ll find a list of Shopify apps and other SEO tools focusing on all the key aspects of SEO, all neatly arranged with an overview of each tool. Note that some of Shopify apps for SEO charge a monthly fee, some a one-off installation fee, and others are completely free.

Shopify apps for SEO optimization of your e-commerce website

SEO Doctor

This app provides you with a list of issues along with recommendations for fixing them. Simply use the recommendations to fix the issues right in the app and become one of the best Shopify experts. You can also hire a Shopify SEO agency to take a second look at your store. 

Ultra SEO

The app gives you full control over each and every meta tag in your shop, including keywords and author tags. Feel free to edit your tags as often as you like in order to optimize them and get more traffic from Google!

Smart SEO

With this app, you no longer need to spend your valuable SEO optimization resources on tasks that can be automated. Smart SEO is powerful, yet flexible enough to generate meta tags, alt tags and JSON-LD structured data which both you and search engines will love. One of the favourite choices of many Shopify developers.

SEO Image Optimizer

Being a free SEO app on processing over 1 Billion Images for SEO over 153,000 Shopify stores, sometimes you might experience issues with getting enough computing power to make all of this happen. Recently, the Shopify app developers completely restructured the app and processing times are now 15x faster than previously. 

SEO Product Optimizer

Drive traffic from niche keywords. One of the important parts of SEO is picking suitable keywords with good search volume but not competitive. So your web page can stand out on search engines for this lucrative keyword.

The app provides keywords suggestion based on your product name. Keyword search volume, competitiveness among advertisers and cost per click (CPC) from Google will be shown to you. You will know which keywords get you more free traffic.

SEO is NOT everything with e-commerce marketing, but you need to get it right in order to bring traffic to your store. If you’re not visible, you can’t hope to attract hordes of potential buyers to you; and then all of your hard work in creating a great user experience when they get there is wasted. So better you try the apps above or actually you can ask for help our ecommerce design company and we will be happy to assist you!

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