Karma – Responsive WordPress Theme


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Karma is a theme eith big fuctionality, stunnind design. The product is responsive, easy to customize and use. It has many color variations, SEO optimized and will be a good choice for business.

Theme Features:

  1. Custom Karma jQuery 3 Sliders
  2. 5 Design Styles for Karma jQuery 2 Slider (+ custom color picker)
  3. 7 Transparent Overlay images for Karma jQuery 3 Slider (+ custom color picker)
  4. Custom Background color for Karma jQuery3 Slider
  5. Toggle Randomize Slides
  6. Toggle Pause on Hover
  7. Toggle Animation Effect – Slide/Fade
  8. Toggle Next/Previous Arrows

Premium Plugins:

  1. Free – Visual Composer included
  2. Free – Karma Builder
  3. Free – LayerSlider included
  4. Free – Revolution Slider included

Unlimited Sliders – Add a Slider to any Page Template

Header Options:

  1. Built-in Mega Menu
  2. White Header Style
  3. Fixed/Sticky header menu option (2 different variations)
  4. 3 Menu Styles
  5. 7 Header Transparent Overlay Patterns (+ custom image upload)
  6. Adjust Header Height
  7. Disable Top Toolbar
  8. Disable Top Toolbar – Left
  9. Disable Top Toolbar – Right
  10. Disable Menu Dropdowns
  11. Disable Menu Descriptions

Footer Options:

  1. 3 Footer Design Styles
  2. footer + copyright
  3. footer
  4. copyright
  5. 7 Footer Transparent Overlay Images (+ custom image upload)
  6. Up to 6 Footer Columns
  7. Footer Menu
  8. Footer Copyright
  9. Site wide Footer Callout (+ custom color)
  10. Custom “scroll to top” link
  11. Toggle “scroll to top” link

Logo Options:

  1. Logo Alignment: Left, Right, Center
  2. Normal Website Logo
  3. Retina Website Logo
  4. Custom Logo Builder (with 9 preset logos)
  5. Custom WordPress Login Logo
  6. Favicon Logo
  7. Icon uploads for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc)

Color Options:

  1. 30 Pre-set Color Schemes
  2. Toggle between Karma-Flat and Karma-Gradient design styles (60 color schemes total)
  3. Unique Primary Color
  4. Unique Secondary Color (mix and match)
  5. Color-pickers to customize every color in the theme

Mobile Options:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Retina-ready
  3. Custom Mobile “Main Menu” Text
  4. Custom Mobile “Sub Menu” Text
  5. Disable Responsive Design
  6. Disable Mobile Menu Subpages
  7. Apple iOS icon upload

Blog Options:

  1. Choose between 3 blog layouts: left sidebar, right sidebar, masonry
  2. Add Shortcodes to Blog Posts
  3. Easily Hide Categories
  4. Choose between Gravatar.com or Default WordPress Avatars
  5. Choose between Modern/Shadow Featured Image Frame
  6. Toggle Post Comments
  7. Toggle “Posted by” Information
  8. Toggle Post Date
  9. Toggle “About the Author”
  10. Customize “read more” Button (text, color, size)
  11. Display Related Posts
  12. Social Media: Drag-to-Share Social Bookmarking
  13. Social Media: Vector Social Sharing Buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

Page Editing Options:

  1. Custom Sub-menu
  2. Custom Sidebar
  3. Custom Page Linking
  4. Page Settings (toggle breadcrumbs, search box + more)
  5. Slider Settings (choose slider, color picker + more)
  6. Gallery Settings (choose layout, image frame style + more)
  7. Styling Options (custom primary color scheme, custom secondary color scheme + more)



List of standard features come with the theme

Theme Customizer

Quickly change aspects of the design with a built-in customizer.


SEO Optimized

Our themes are optimized for SEO so you’ll stand out from the crowd.


Browser Compatibility

We made sure our themes are tested in all modern browsers.


Complete Localization

Translate the theme into the language of your choice.


Page Speed Optimized

Don’t fall behind your competitors, all of our themes are optimized for speed.


Custom Theme Widgets

Custom and customizable widgets are part of our never ending mission.


HTML5 and CSS3

Latest advanced functionality available with HTML5 and CSS3.


Custom Page Templates

Page templates giving you access to pre-made styles and functions.


Top Notch Support

Each theme that you purchase comes with 1 year of priority support.